FBI statistics prove one important fact about home security: Burglars like to enter homes via first floor windows. More than 30% of all home burglaries result from poor security measures taken for doors and windows. Thieves enter through first floor windows a remarkable 23% of the time, and the number of first floor window entries has increased over the past five years.

The increase in home break ins through first floor windows means homeowners must make securing first floor windows a priority long before they consider installing a home security system or creating several diversion safes that hide in plain sight,

Lock Thy Windows

If there were 10 Commandments for home security, the first and most important commandment would be lock thy windows and doors. It sound like a common sense no brainer, but far too many homeowners either neglect to lock doors and windows or feel it’s not a big deal to keep the doors and windows open. FBI statistics present compelling evidence that homeowners leave windows unlocked at a much higher rate than the rate home doors are left unlocked. Make sure to invest in professional grade locks that withstand strong impacts

Install Bars and Grilles

Window bars and grilles do a great job of preventing a burglar from entering your home. Even the most skilled contortionist cannot slip through steel bars set a few inches apart. Research from numerous law enforcement agencies shows thieves will spend no more than four minutes to break into a home. With bars or grilles covering all of your first floor windows, a burglar will immediately turn to plan B to break into your home. Remember to leave one first floor window bar or grille free to allow for a quick exit during an emergency.

diversion safes, home safes, diversion cn safes, home securityLights, Camera, No Action

Burglars want to enter homes in dark secluded areas that prevent eye witnesses from seeing their illegal escapades. By installing lights on the top ledge of each first floor window, you create a strong deterrent that forces a thief to look elsewhere for his or her ill-gotten bounty. With top ledge lights shining down on the entire area of a first floor window, you seal the home security deal by installing a security camera on one of the side ledges. FBI statistics demonstrate homes without security camera systems are 300% more likely to become a burglary statistic. Avoid the temptation to go the cheap route by installing fake security cameras. Seasoned thieves see right through faux home security cameras.

Strengthen Window Glass

You want to purchase home windows that contain tough to crack and break glass. However, you need to strengthen any glass windows you purchase to produce nearly 100% impervious first floor windows. Intruders like to kick in glass windows to gain access, especially if they disarm a home security system. Adding protective film on a window pane hardens the glass. Tinted films prevent thieves from checking out your valuables located inside of your home. Security screens constructed with steel handle most knife and kicking blows.

Be a Thorn in the Side of a Thief

Thorny bushes planted under first floor windows act as another deterrent that prompt burglars to keep moving down the block to find the most vulnerable home. Thieves will not deal with the hassle of thorny bushes, even if the bushes surround a window located at basement level. The most effective method for planting thorny bushes near first floor windows is to create a semi- circle that prevent burglars from moving towards a window from one of the open sides.

Securing your home windows should represent a complementary security strategy that enhances the electronic security system you have installed. Moreover, adding security features such as floodlights create additional obstacles that deter the most brazen thieves.

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