Rich Miller experienced two break ins into his home in just 16 days.

“The same guy or guys probably came back to finish what they started. They took everything except my set of left-handed golf clubs. Either they play golf right handed or they don’t play golf at all. Anyway, it took two burglaries for me to wake up and install a home security system.”

Far too many homeowners look at home security systems as costly inconveniences. Between installing, arming, disarming, and fixing false alarms, home security systems require hands on management that comes with a bill of buying the system and paying monthly fees.

Let’s look at the 6 benefits that make the time you spend taking care of a home security system worth the price you pay for installation and monthly service fees.

Crime Stopper

Unless you are dealing with the criminals who were featured in Oceans 11, installing a home security system deters most criminals. After all, criminals want to rob the least risky home and that means a home with no way to alert the homeowner of an intrusion. Numerous studies have proven the link between increases in home security systems and decreases in crime.

Peace of Mind

How do you feel after you install a home security system? You feel much more secure inside of your home. Moreover, you benefit from the calming peace of mind that accompanies a high-quality home security system that immediately alerts law enforcement to the presence of an intruder. If you leave the kids at home with the babysitter, you can enjoy a quiet, relaxing dinner at your favorite restaurant

can safe, diversion safe, stash cansHidden Safes Protect Valuables

Not every element of a home security system is all about James Bond like high tech gadgetry. In fact, a diversion safe represents one of the most important features of a home security system. Adding a hidden safe to store your most valuable jewelry, as well as extra cash and stock certificates, will protect your investments against theft. Home security system alarms often scare would be burglars into leaving properties in search of homes that require little effort to enter.

Reduced Homeowners Insurance

Part of the money you spend to install a home security system comes back to you in the form of reduced costs for homeowner’s insurance. You might even recoup most of the cash you spend on monthly fees, as some homeowners report insurance savings that exceed 20%.

Keep Tabs on Your Home

The most advanced home security systems allow you to monitor your home, whether you are down the street at a neighbor’s home or soaking in the sun on a Hawaiian beach. Cameras strategically installed inside of your house give you visual access to every room. Not only do you stay on top of security issues, you also have the tools to control lights and thermostats. In addition to monitoring lights and thermostats, advanced home security systems allow homeowners to turn off gadgets such as irons and hair dryers.

Notification of Gas or Fire Issues

Back in the day, homeowners received notification of a fire or gas emergency from a neighbor, family member, or law enforcement. The best home security systems notify homeowners whenever a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm goes off. You can also set the home security system to notify law enforcement at the same time you receive word of a possible fire or gas leak.

No expense is too great should be the mantra of homeowners who want to protect their most valuable possessions, but more importantly, protect their loved ones. Investing in a home security system prevents financial loss from the theft of cash, jewelry, securities, and electronics. From deterring criminals to alerting you to a possible fire, buying a home security system gives you the peace of mind to focus on what matters most in your personal and professional lives.

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    It would be really cool that you pointed out we should have a hidden safe to store our most valuable property. That would be something that I would want to do for my guns to protect it from burglars. It would be nice to keep a safe so that I wouldn’t have to worry about my guns ever being stolen.

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