Think about the importance insurance companies place on home security. With every break in in your neighborhood comes an accompanied rise in home insurance premiums. Yet, money alone should not motivate you to implement home security measures. Your loved ones are what prompt you to invest in an advanced electronic home security system.

Before you break out the checkbook to pay for the best home security system, you should be aware of some common dos and dont’s that bolster the performance of your floodlight, security cameras, and motion sensors.

Do Use Diversion Safes

Diversion safes operate on the principle of hide in plain sight. If you ever played hide and seek, you remember the sage advice given by an adult who said “Hide in plain sight; they won’t see you.” Of course we don’t’ mean set out your most expensive jewelry on the dining room table. Diversion safes represent common household items that conceal your valuables. Think books, clocks, soup canes, and cereal boxes.

Don’t Leave a Spare Key

Here’s a good idea for ensuring you arrive home one evening to a house missing several electronic devices: Leave a spare front door key under the welcome mat. You might as well as add the phrase to the welcome mat that reads “and don’t forget to use the spare key under the mat.” Why homeowners leave an extra key in a mailbox, taped to a screen door, or secured to a windowsill defies common sense.

home safes, personal security safes, can safes, diversion safesDo Invest in a Hidden Safe

Burglars want what they can get their hands on quickly. Installing a hidden safe virtually guarantees your most valuable possessions remain out of the hands of the savviest thief. Even if a burglar discovers your hidden safe, he or she will move on to more vulnerable sections of your home. You can install a small hidden safe disguised as an electrical outlet or a large safe that sits behind a photograph or flat screen television.

Don’t Cut Cost Corners

Installing an electronic home security system can put a significant dent in the family budget. However, avoid the temptation to cut cost corners to save a few dollars. Although you do not have to invest the amount of money it takes to secure a Hollywood celebrity’s home, you need to put aside enough cash to cover must have components such as state-of-the-art alarms, security cameras, and motion sensors. Moreover, shop for the most recently introduced home security systems that have taken into account the rapidly growing number of new ways thieves enter homes.

Do Use a Professional

Homeowners can perform basic home security jobs by creating do it yourself diversion safes and installing lights that shine on first floor windows. However, when it comes to an electronic home security system, you want to hire a professional to ensure long lasting high performance. A security expert can also provide you with a detailed analysis of the places where you home is the most vulnerable to break ins.

Don’t Tweet Your Vacation Plans

According to Credit Sesame, 80% of burglars check social media posts to learn about homeowner plans for vacations and other types of extended trips away from home. Social media has morphed into one of the most effective tools thieves have to determine which homes are the easiest to break into. As we all know, the first criteria for a burglar is to find a home where nobody is home. You might as well leave the front door open if you insist on updating your Facebook page by writing “We leave tomorrow for eight days on the sunny beaches of Southern California.

Far too many homeowners believe that by simply installing an electronic home security system, they have created a 100% foolproof plan to prevent a burglary. Yet, by failing to follow some time-tested strategies and implementing boneheaded security measures, homeowners take the “proof” out of foolproof.

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