10 minutes.

It’s not a lot of time, except to play a couple of top 40 hits or enjoy an automated back massage. Yet for thieves, 10 minutes seem like an eternity.

Burglars do not want to spend much time inside of your home. They perform a quick inventory of the goods you have that possess high value. If they see jewelry and/or cash sitting on the coffee table, consider your valuables as good as gone forever.

You can make a burglar’s mission unbearably difficult by purchasing a hidden safe. Unlike movies and television shows that depict thieves virtually setting up a second home inside of a victim’s home, anyone who chooses your home for theft most likely will not remove artwork or furniture to see if you have installed a hidden safe.

Home Security Backup Plan

You can prevent a thief from entering your home by wiring your house with an advanced home security system. From motion sensors to moving cameras, the best home security systems keep thieves out of your humble abode.

However, as Murphy’s Law dictates, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

The famous quote applies to home security systems. You might enjoy outstanding protection against the first nine thieves who try to enter your home, but on the 10th try, a thief either lucks out because the alarm fails to sound or the thief has the technical expertise to disarm the home security system.

You need a backup plan and that is what a hidden safe accomplishes. If a burglar gains access to your wired security home, he or she will move about the premises swiftly taking anything of value not nailed to a floor or on a table. The hidden safe sits behind a large painting secured by durable bolts or nails. Your home security backup plan has protected your prized possessions.

stash cans, hidden safes, diversion safes, can safesHow Does a Hidden Safe Work?

Unlike diversion safes that hide in plain view, manufacturers design hidden safes to fit seamlessly within the walls of a home. Home security professionals measure hidden safes by the number of bricks displaced in the wall to install the safes. Behind large paintings and wall-mounted televisions represent the most popular places to install hidden safes. However, contemporary designs create hidden safes that operate like diversion safes. One style of a hidden safe appears from the outside like a standard wall fitting. Homeowners can place hidden safes within a cut out section of drywall, but you need a professional to replace the drywall to prevent a burglar from detecting the removal of the drywall section.

What about Size?

Hidden safes come in a wide variety of sizes. If you only want to secure small, expensive pieces of jewelry, you can install a small hidden safe. For the storage of electronic devices and important legal documents, you need to purchase a large hidden safe. Small hidden safes work best as diversion safes, since a design such as a wall socket can conceal a hidden safe. For large hidden safes, you need to use a large immovable object to conceal the safe’s location.

Why You Should Purchase a Hidden Safe

We hear this all of the tome: Why do I need a hidden or diversion safe, if I spent a lot of money on the best home security system. The answer is peace of mind. A hidden safe prevents thieves from not only grabbing your cash and jewelry, but a hidden safe also prevents thieves from seeing your valuables sitting on the bedroom dresser or dining room table.

Trying to open a hidden safe represents the most time consuming act of thievery that any burglar will perform. As we mentioned, thieves have only 10 minutes to grab what they want.

When the clock starts ticking, your hidden safe keeps what you value protected from a time-stressed burglar.


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